Remembering Our Brothers & Sisters Who Have Gone To Be With GOD 

King of South Lodge No.475 - District#2

Brother J.C. Calvin - 1st Worshipful Master Elected 

Brother P.L. Inman - 2nd. Worshipful Master Elected

Brother J. Traylor - 3rd. Worshipful Master Elected

Brother Homer C. Arnold - 4th. Worshipful Master Elected and 1st. D.D.G.M

Brother Leonard Henry - 5th. Worshipful Master Elected - 3rd. D.D.G.M

Brother Joe Howard - 6th. Worshipful Master Elected

Brother Cephus Bradfield - 9th. Worshipful Master Elected

Brother Willie Morris

Brother Claude Turner

Brother Paul Dorsey

Brother Frank Pettway

Brother H.Powell - Past D.D.G.M

Brother Eddie Lemon

Brother William Earl Bridge

Brother J.W. Swanson

Brother James L. Swanson

Brother Watson Etterson, Sr.

PGM Hon. George G. Bailey, Sr. ( Nightingale Lodge # 612)

PM Bro. David Lyle ( Nightingale Lodge # 612)

PM Bro. Troy Singinton (Nightingale Lodge # 612) 

Bro. George Hosa ( Nightingale # 612)

W.M. Bro. William "Bill" Jennings (Queen Excelsior Lodge #594 Ellenwood Ga.

Sister Annie Pearl Robinson, P.W.M. (Zion Chapter #42 O.E.S.)

Sister Henrietta Johnson, P.W.M. (Fielders Pride #11 O.E.S.)

Bro. Otis Coswell Sims (St. Mark Lodge #406)

Bro. Lewis Daniel Whitehead, Sr. P.D.G.M. (Victory Lodge #581)

Bro. Melbo Peek (Berkshire Lodge #664 )

Sister Janet Jackson Dean, P.W.M. (Lois Chapter #10 O.E.S.)

Sister Eloise Tucker (Deborah Chapter #13 O.E.S.)

Sister Carolyn Reese (Jedidiah Chapter #142 O.E.S.)

Bro. Forest Green (Mt. Zion Lodge #6)

Bro. Bobby McDaniel, Jr. (Locust Grove Lodge #573)

Sister Willena Florence, P.D.D.G.M. & P.W.M. (Paradise Chapter #60 O.E.S.)

Bro. Edward Akins (Widows Son Lodge #396 )

Sister Fannie Curry, P.W.M. (Pride of Hartwell #102 O.E.S.)

Bro. Gregory Harris (Lincoln Lodge #656)

Brother Rubin Grant (Avery Temple Lodge #38)

Bro. Bobby Rogers (Avery Temple Lodge #38)

Bro. Earl Turman (Pride of Thompson Lodge #205)

Sister Voncile Crawford (Olive Leaf Chapter #17 O.E.S.)

Bro.Herschel Sanders ( Eureka#354)

Bro.Robert Stephenson (Starlight Lodge 433)

Bro Spencer Cotton PWM (North Atlanta Lodge #611)

Bro Bernard Rogers PWM (Enterprise Lodge #551)

Bro Willie Thomas (Enterprise Lodge #551)

Bro Nelson Kelly PWM (Enterprise Lodge #551)

Bro Ezell James (Booker T Washington #534)

Brother Walter C. Davenport  ( Advance Lodge #31)